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Eurovision tonight

Hi fellow Eurofurs!

As I'm sure you've noticed (whether you wanted to or not), the first semi-final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest is tonight. I hope you're duly excited. :) I know I am.

For anyone that wants to watch, the action starts at 21:00 CET, little more than an hour from now.

Good luck to all your countries and may the best contest entry win!

Ethan Staghorn ("Jake" in the usericon is my fursuit character)
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HUGE multi-artist auction!!! Help us get our wedding rings please! (crossposted)

I currently have a rather large multi-artist auction up for grabs on furbuy to help me and Kitt Spidox get our wedding rings for August :( (those things are damned pricey!!)

Currently at $120 (at time of posting) with over 30 commissions for the winner including conbadges, customised figurines, ref sheets and fursuit items!!

Please take a look or pass the url on!!!
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Welcome to WikiLurv

I posted this announcement (in Swedish) to swefur and SveaFur a few days ago, and only today I realized that there may be people who are interested who do not watch either of those communities.

As many of you know, greenreaper started WikiFur a number of years ago, and it's grown to be quite large since, with over 10000 articles. In November 2006, I asked him what he thought about a Swedish language version - this was a fairly short while after WikiFur linked up with TurriWiki - and shortly thereafter I registered the domain name.

For various reason, mostly personal, the project didn't get off the ground until October this year. And I've finally finished all the "obligatory" pages (ie the pages the MediaWiki installation links to assuming they will be there), so it's time to try to draw some more attention to it.

With this post, I'd like to welcome anyone who is interested (and who can write in Swedish) as an editor to WikiLurv. This invitation also extends to those of you residing in neighboring countries; we have a template for announcing furmeets and similar activities, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who might be able to, for example, cross Öresund by train for a meet if I'm not otherwise occupied.

And if you're not interested in editing, but know someone who might be, please help spread the word.

Have a happy holiday season!
// Alexandra "quoting_mungo"
By Therese Larsson

Vote for furry!

Help to vote for furry as ‘wildest lifestyle’ on national Danish TV!

The fox Giesji has made a really nice little clip on being a furry, very tasteful and informational. Now we’d like her voted in for ‘wildest lifestyle’, to make a bit of a buzz and let Denmark know the Danish furry community actually exists, but since there are so few of us, that’s difficult!

If you have a minute to spare, please go to this website. At the very bottom, in the white box that says 'VILDESTE – Stem på din vildeste Skummer', select 'Giesji som er en ræv' and click 'Stem' to vote.

Thank you! :}

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Howdy all!! I will be attending Eurofurence 14! I just wanted to let folks know. I will be in the dealer room doin my usual thing. Selling the newest CDs I have, the 2008 Gideon CD and the Cox and Ruger Folio CD. I'll be drawin in sketchbooks and doin the infamous 1 Euro in color! I will also be selling "Cocktails" a book of some incredible male art

Mostly I will be happy to see old friends and make new ones. I look forward to doing trades with fellow artists and gettin drinks at the bar heh. So if you see the horse there (with my longer mane, heh), say hi to me!!
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Fuel mileage: Europe vs. the USA

I keep hearing rumors that cars in Europe get so much better mileage than cars in the USA. I appeal now to my friends in Europe (and elsewhere off of the North American Continent) to answer the following:

What country are you currently living in?
What is the country of origin of your vehicle? If you drive an American-made SUV, don't bother!
How many miles per gallon (or if you prefer, how many kilometers per liter) does your car get on average?
What sort of fuel do you put in your car?
If your car was a furry animal, what species would it be?

(For refrence: KPL = 0.425 * MPG)

Looking for male singer!!! (cross-posted around a bit)

Hey all!

I find myself in a position where I require the talents of a male singer! For my skit for this years Eurofurence 14 I need to re-record a music track in order to change some of the vocals so, ideally I need a male singer to accompany me.

Now before someone asks - I can't get around it really, the vocals need changing as the voice for my part of the skit is.... well, male. So I need to make it female, so I need to re-record x.x

You do NOT have to be going to EF for this, as long as you have a reasonable quality microphone and can record your voice singing with the karaoke version of the song (which I have a good quality one of thanks to Mystifur :)) I can do the wonders of audio editing ^^

I can't divulge too much in public about the act but I will say this - the song is from a musical/film and the male part isn't too intensive (one chorus and about 10 lines).

If you're at all interested and would like more details, please feel free to email me at - if you can attach an example of your singing that will be fantastic! I will find a way to credit you for your performance, whether it be through announcement at the end of the act or by placing credits on the screens next to the stage.
Pan by Razz (erf!)

EF registration for sale

[x-posted from EF forums]

Hi gang, I was hoping to make this my first EF attendence, however I found out today that it's gonna clash with the date for my knee surgery ;_;

As a result I'm not going to be able to make it over to Germany this year, and am looking to sell my membership to somebody else who's on the waiting list who'll be able to make it.

I have a Sponsor membership with a double room - total cost 223 Euros

Please leave a comment or e-mail at so we can sort something out :)

Many thanks


[Edit: the place has now been taken, muchos thankies to all who responded :)]
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Oliver (curious)

Travel Help Needed

Hi there, thought I'd post this here first as I know there are some of you who've been already.

Basically I'm hoping to come to EF from the UK in August and I need to see about getting my journey planned. My initial thought was to fly to Cologne (Koln) and then get the train cross-country to Suhl for the con. I don't mind hostelling it along the way either :)

Basically I was wondering if there were any fellow Brits, or indeed anyone, on here who have made the journey to EF before - and if so, how did you get to Suhl itself? Is the station relativly close to the hotel or would I need to be looking at taxi fares for the remainder of the journey?

Also, should I be looking at Frankfurt as an alternative flight destination or are there any other routes I could potentially take?

Any feedback/advice on the matter would be much appreciated :)

Many thanks

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